Clubfilla: The DJ with white glasses

Clubfilla - DJ with white glasses

[Deutsche Version] CLUBFILLA is a music producer and DJ from Germany. Find Clubfilla’s biography, age, height, e-mail and more.

Clubfilla is known as the DJ with white glasses producing EDM since 2016. Meanwhile, some exciting tracks have been created that you can listen to here.


Age: 44
Size: 1,80 m / 5.9 ft
Country: Germany

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2018 Pool Party
2019 Feels Like Home
2021 Stomp
2022 Welcome To New York
2022 Melody
2022 A Touch Of Spring In The City
2023 Boom
2023 Die Stadt Ruft
2023 Where To Party In Ibiza
2023 Naked Shuffle Dance

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